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Search Engine Optimization

To be found by your potential customers on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is critical to the success of your business. Acquiring new customers is not as simple as having a site. The majority of people who are looking for a product or service now do so from a Search Engine. This is what makes SEO so important as a part of your marketing services. And with this in mind, there are two major ways to show up on search engines - SEO and PPC. 

How Michigan SEO Services Help You Show Up in Search Engines

The first way to get your business to show up in search engines is to pay for ad placement (known as PPC advertising or Pay Per Click) and the second is to optimize your site so the search engines deem your site relevant for the key phrases you would want to show up for, known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This process is known as Organic Ranking, and is the ideal way to show up in search results.

At RCC Web Media Agency, we offer targeted and precise SEO services Detroit, Troy, and throughout the surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan. We carefully research the key terms that consumers will most likely use when looking for businesses like yours. Then, we create strategies to ensure that when Michigan residents look for these terms, your company comes up in search results ahead of your competitors. This is how we help businesses like yours succeed, and why we're one of the leading SEO companies in Michigan. 

A Detroit SEO Company

Another aspect of SEO services is Social Marketing, as Google includes this in your site rankings; active Social Marketing helps your SEO. This process is referred to as SEO services in Michigan. In this process RCC Web Media Agency fine-tunes your site to stand out to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the others for the keywords that you want to be showing up for.

For example, if you type into Google "the greatest eMarketing company in the world ever!" we want to show up #1. What words and phrases do you want to be showing up for? Give us a call and we'll get to work helping you get there.

We can help with everything from your website design, structure, navigation, crawl errors and many other facets of optimizing your website.


I have been very satisfied with the work and knowledge of Bob Harvey and the staff at RCC Web Media Agency. I enjoy working with them and hearing their suggestions to further my national sales. Keep up the great work!

Our search engine optimization services in Michigan involves several steps, including

  • Detailed Competitive Analysis
  • Domain Authority/Domain Popularity
  • Keyword Research, Testing, Analysis  and Strategy Building
  • Implementation of keyword specific meta data
  • Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Creation of keyword rich content
  • Local Search Results Optimization
  • Creating Content Amplification Strategies
  • Review coding and provide resolution of web elements that can potentially harm site rank
  • Detailed and proprietary SEO processes which provide our customers with proven, effective, measureable results
  • Social Marketing optimization

While all the search engines keep their algorithms a secret, our years of search engine optimization experience have led us to understand what areas are weighted heavy and which are out of date. With every update that the search engines put out, these priorities change and you are at risk of either gaining or losing ground on your competition.

Put Our Detroit SEO Services to Work for Your Business

By leveraging our Detroit SEO services, we can work together to gain new customers and improve your visibility on the internet as these changes occur. We monitor search results for you and make the adjustments needed to your content, navigation and many other facets of your site.

SEO and Mobile First Solutions

One of the recent trends is that search engines will be weighing mobile versions of your website heavier than in the past, and heading toward weighing the mobile version over the desktop. Having a website structure that can adapt to these changes is paramount to gaining ground.

Part of our SEO service is to test and verify the structure of your website, from mobile through navigation, it all matters. We're proud to be an SEO company helping other Michigan companies in the Detroit area improve their visibility online.

Effective SEO Strategies from One of the Most Trusted Marketing Companies in Michigan

We love seeing our SEO service help our metro Detroit clients improve their exposure and client base online. The more often you are found, the better for all of us. After all, you probably found US this way!
We are an SEO & marketing company in Troy, MI, serving the greater Detroit area, and we look forward to improving your internet visibility. 

Contact RCC Web Media Agency for Premier SEO Services, Social Media Marketing Michigan, and More

When you're ready to get more the best digital marketing services for your business, including SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, ecommerce website development, and more, call RCC Web Media Agency at 888-565-7102 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website. 

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