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Why the Best SEO Companies in Michigan Encourage Blogs: SEO Services

Why does your business need a blog? If you have a web presence (or are trying to build one), there are several reasons why your website should feature a regularly updated blog. Yes, a well-maintained blog informs and educates consumers. However, a blog also brings undeniable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value to your site. It helps more potential clients find you so that they can become lifelong customers. And this is, essentially, what successful marketing is all about.


How Blogs Help SEO and Social Media Marketing


When you add a well-written blog to your website, you provide an additional resource to visitors. You also increase your visibility in the following ways:


Search engines (like Google) are attracted to fresh content.



Website updates are timestamped. So, when search engines crawl your site, they recognize the difference between older content and newer content. And, if you have fresh content, it’s likely that search engines will give your pages higher rankings.


Blogs give your marketing team opportunities to promote targeted key terms.