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Watch These Social Media Trends in 2020

Social media changes almost daily.  From adding more ways to speak to consumers to consistently monitoring your online marketing performance, social media continues to allow businesses to constantly keep up with their presence on the web.

Back to the Basics: It’s All About Consumer Relationships

Here at RCC Web Media Agency, we prioritize our clients’ needs.  At the start of every business relationship, we ask our clients two basic, but fundamentally relevant, questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are their interests and challenges?

In 2020, it’s essential to actively listen to audiences to gain the most knowledge about what it is they are searching for in the market.  Humanizing brands – like utilizing live chat software or responding to comments on social media – is the key to incorporating a stronger sense of one-on-one interaction with your consumers.  Building a community within your brand allows for your consumers to be educated about your products and services as well as be engaged and entertained while you’re at it.

Investment in Measurement and Social Analytics Programs

Competition is fierce, and we know what to do to prepare for it.  One of the most valuable digital marketing tools that you need to stay competitive in today’s market is the measurements of data analytics.  Most marketers will maintain the monitoring of standard metrics that generalize the market.  However, savvier marketers will use more in-depth metrics – such as building campaigns tailored to monthly progress – that closely align with the marketing objectives of your business.

Brands that are ahead of their competition will incorporate paid and/or organic social posts using eye-grabbing visuals.  As a user scrolls through the webpage, they’ll see ‘money’ words and phrases – call-to-actions, ‘everything you need’, etc.  The objective is to drive users to brand-specific search – also known as top-of-funnel marketing.  This implementation creates low costs for social posts and a potentially increased value for search traffic metrics.

YouTube, Video & Photo

Video & photo may not be the most groundbreaking new trend, but it’s definitely something you want to maintain on your social accounts this year.  Take a look at this list below to review some of the benefits of implementing photo & video services to your social media pages:

  • Customer testimonials to capitalize on community engagement
  • Licensed drone services allow for more interesting footage
  • Motion graphics & animations grab users’ attention as they scroll
  • Promotional photography (pictures of your products, services and/or facility)
  • YouTube pay-per-click advertising for closely monitored measurements

YouTube is becoming the latest social media platform to conquer the web with advanced tracking techniques, easy ways to market directly to your consumers, and so much more!

RCC Web Media Agency: Complete Social Media Marketing Michigan

If you don't know where to begin with social media marketing, contact the experts at RCC Web Media at (888) 565-7102 or reach out to us on our contact form.  We are the trusted digital media professionals providing quality social media marketing services!

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