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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020: SEO Strategies Michigan

In a constantly changing digital marketing landscape, even the most digitally aware business owners can benefit from professional digital marketing services.  Primarily, because it takes time and patience to run successful digital marketing campaigns, most individuals who run companies find it advantageous to outsource these responsibilities.  Then, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers alike can devote more time to cultivating relationships with clients and growing their respective businesses.  Next, good digital marketing plans consist of several components: web development, local listings, video and drone services, SEO strategiesPPC advertising, ORM services, email marketing, and social media management.

Very few individuals can handle everything.  However, when you have an entire eMarketing team behind you, it’s much easier to achieve your digital marketing goals.  And because RCC Web Media Agency is one of the most trusted marketing firms in Michigan, we are the e-marketing team to choose from.

Shopping Posts on Social Media

Shoppable posts on social media are a direct way for your business to not only market your products but also sell them.  For example, on Instagram, businesses are marketing their products and services directly on their accounts and tagging the product featured in each post.  By tapping the post once, the link to the product on the business’s page will populate.  This very easily prompts the visitor to click the link and access the product on the business’s webpage.

Shoppable posts entirely recalibrate the whole marketing concept.  The means of marketing on traditional platforms, such as radio and television, are beginning to fade.  We want to help you realize the trends and start acting now!

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing strategies can dramatically change the way you reach out to your customers as soon as they access your website.  But, the key to the strategy is to act quickly.  According to Drift, a conversational marketing platform mentioned by AdRoll, “42% of people expect an immediate response (within five seconds), and 36% expect a response in 36 minutes.

Imagine that you have only one question to ask a business regarding a product or service that they offer.  But you really do not want to dial a phone number and be put on hold for 20 minutes, either.  Here is where the beauty that is conversational marketing is most important.  Since most people divert away from a webpage so quickly, it is essential to grab their attention and make their issues known.  Direct customer interaction will truly make a difference in your business as one of the leading digital marketing tools.

Interactive Marketing

Don’t try to overthink this one.  You could go large-scale and design an interactive presentation.  They work because they make your customers engage, and customers will remember that engagement.  First think small: quizzes, polls, or demonstrations for your products and services.  Something that will catch the visitor’s attention, and still have them engage on your website.  People want to do more than reading content; especially when it’s only ever about your products and services.  What does experience at your company look like?  Give visitors an objective the moment your website populates.

Be Ahead of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Studying these new, interesting ways in which digital marketing can help your business will certainly prepare you for the upcoming year.  Try to focus in on various components within your business that have been “business as usual” for quite some time.  Things like implementing shopping posts on social media, blogging, and the emphasis of personalization have changed the way we think about marketing.  Each year presents new opportunities that arise and can very well change the entire trajectory of your business’s outreach.

To see how digital marketing can impact your business, call RCC Web Media today at (888) 565-7102 or reach out to us on the contact form.  We’ll have a member of our sales team come out to see how we can help grow your online presence.


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