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Things Your Website Should Be Doing for You

Your business thrives online just as much as it does within your brick-and-mortar. You always want to keep a consistency with your business’ presence, both online and in-person. Does your website convey a similar energy and aesthetic like walking into the store? Is the website engaging, inviting, and not too cluttered or congested with text or bright colors? Is it functional and easy-to-navigate? These are all questions you must ask yourself regarding your website and its overall functionality.

Today, websites are essential, especially for new and emerging businesses. Inbound marketing is the new method to continuously reach your markets and maintain client relations. Though, websites cannot just run effectively and generate progressive customer traffic all in-of-itself. In this post, RCC will cover the various ways to design your website to attract customer traffic as well as keep that traffic flowing.

In the article “What Is the Buyer’s Journey?”, HubSpot indicates that it is imperative to keep a customer timeline in mind when thinking about building your website.

Awareness Stage: The customer realizes that they have observed an issue to address. Customers will then decide whether the observed issue ought to be pursued.

Consideration Stage: The customer determines the need for a purchase and what options are best fit. At this stage, the customer has already identified the issue and is now searching for solutions. For example, a customer realizes they are in the market for a new vacuum. Considering the expansive market for vacuums, this customer sets their budget at $250 or less and two brands to compare. This is where the customer will focus on the similarities and differences of each product to help the final decision.

Decision Stage: The customer ultimately chooses their selection and follows through with the purchase. Here, the customer may chart out the pros and cons of each product, consider any special offers featured at the time of purchase, and which product will appropriately solve their original issue.

Ultimately, considering that customers frequently go through the three stages, it is important to continue to update website content to cater to an everchanging customer base. But that’s exactly what we do for you here at RCC!  Courtesy of Horton Group, please consider some of the ways that you can not only make your web content and products more engaging but how you can increase profits, too.

Implement Calls-to-Action (CTA)

A CTA is an online gateway that leads customers to a different webpage with additional information about a product. Frequently, websites will have a prompt – such as “Sign Up Today” or “Special Offer Today Only” – conveniently placed to promote recent sales or feature a new product. The goal is to have a CTA on every page of your website both at the top and at the bottom. Navigation is key here. Refrain from puzzling the visitor with other ads and distractions. Keep it simple yet accessible.

Content, Content, Content

Blogs, keywords and phrases, online brochures, e-newsletters… creating content should be a number one priority when creating a website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online tool that provides consistent updates about website traffic as well as suggested keywords and phrases. Google ranks websites based on SEO keywords and relevancy of content, so configuring your website with searchable content and strong SEO will greatly enhance your website’s visibility. According to Neil Patel, a renowned influencer on the web, 67% of all clicks are from the top five results and three out of every four searches start on Google.

How Is My Business Doing?

A valuable means to check in on what your website is doing for your business is by monitoring Google Analytics or other real-time web analytics. It spells out everything for you; from what is acquiring the most clicks, to the areas that might need some improvement. There are a lot of different components within web analytics to consider: overall traffic and its sources, bounce rates, desktop and mobile optimizations, new and returning website visitors, and more. In order to run a business, web analytics are an asset, not a requirement. Some companies don’t need to monitor their traffic as much. Though, there is absolutely no harm in doing so, even if it is for educational purposes. Trust us, reviewing your traffic and implementing some of these tips will surely pay off in the long-run.

Let RCC Web Media Agency Help You and Your Website!

With your website being a direct reflection of your business, you should make sure it looks fresh and up to Google standards. RCC includes all these features in our web design projects. We can also provide website updates and remodels.

RCC Web Media Agency would be happy to help! We offer full-service digital marketing in Michigan that aims to save money for you and your growing business. Through years of experience, we know that successful marketing campaigns need several components. And when you trust RCC with your marketing needs, you get an instant team of dedicated professionals working for you.

Ultimately, hiring a digital marketing firm like RCC will expose you to the expertise that you need to stay above-and-beyond your competitors. Let us know how we can help you today by calling (888) 565-7102, visit us at, or fill out our online contact form!