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The Power of Facebook for Online Marketing



By now, if you haven’t reaped all the benefits that Facebook has to offer your business, then you’re missing out!  Especially if you’ve just jumpstarted a business, you’ll want to create a Facebook page to reach an online audience.  But before you get too involved in social media, the first platform our team recommends you start to market your products and services online with is Facebook.

Social media, and Facebook, in particular, has become one of those things you check on your phone the moment you wake up in the morning.  Facebook is always saturated with ads all over, from movie trailers to a new commercial from your favorite cooking show.  With over one billion daily active users on Facebook, the social media platform is ideal to attract users in to show them enticing content.

From the most popular social media platform out there to its progressive dominance in marketing strategy, RCC can let you and your business in on the tips and tricks to make the most out of the platform.

Why Facebook for Your Business?

Not only is Facebook the most popular platform in social media, it definitely has its way of narrowing down your reach to target the most prospective consumers for your brand.  Facebook has targeting techniques we know all about at RCC, where things like interests, page likes, wall posts, shared items, and more get tracked and analyzed.  These, among other factors, are pieces of the strategizing puzzle.  Businesses can use these factors to promote their products and services directly to their targeted markets.  Plus, you always know what you’re spending.  Facebook has a toolset and managed to control your advertising budget so you never unknowingly spend on ads.

Benefits of Facebook as a Marketing Strategy

Aside from being used by billions of users all around the globe, Facebook has many benefits to businesses, especially those just getting a fresh start in online media.  Take a look at some of the benefits of Facebook and why we think it belongs in your marketing strategy today!

     Affordable ad costs

     Consistency in ads with proven results

     Audiences hosted all in one space

     Highly-targeted users and markets (i.e. demographics)

     Retargeting users and markets

     Trackable data analytics

     Supportive of organic strategies

     & more!

As you can see, there are a variety of benefits of Facebook that allow you to stay on top of your growing online presence.  Since consumers are online and using Facebook at all times of the day, there isn’t a moment to waste.  Our first objective is to let your business be known and to create content that is still very engaging yet so much less expensive than many traditional marketing strategies.

Share Photos & Videos of Your Business

Sure, Facebook is super effective with text alone.  You can even do well with licensed stock images and branding your logo.  But what might propel your brand into a new realm is implementing in-house photos and videos of your business.  RCC can create eye-catching display ads of featured products and services as well as produce informative videos to give your audience a taste of what your business offers.  These can be powerful ways for you to communicate not only what you offer but also how you can help consumers in your audience.  Allowing your audience to preview your products and services before visiting for purchase gives them the perspective and a visual to remember you by.

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