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Successful Video Marketing Tips to Take Your Shoot over the Top

By now, it’s more than evident that video marketing is an essential part of any growing business online.  But what truly makes video great and engaging?  Well, storytelling, showcasing and demonstrations, and event presentations are all part of the great reason why video works so well for businesses.

We know that not all businesses are created equal and one business might need a more specialized approach to creating engaging video content.  RCC will work with you in identifying your video marketing needs and what areas of your business might look stellar on camera!

From shooting a warehouse with our drone to creating regular stock ads designed for social media, RCC has all you need to create video content for your growing business!

Take a look at some of the secrets we live by when creating video content for the web:

We Focus on Stories, Not Just Sales

Sure, every business has a bottom line… we know that!  But before the rise of social media, and the easier access to useful information, ads are no longer just interrupting entertainment, it now competes with it.  Viewers are looking for something a bit more substantial and relatable when watching videos.  This relates to all aspects of the video: the footage, music, on-screen text, and more.  The days of creating a video designed just simply for sales is going to increase the likeliness that your video will be ignored.

So, how do you approach this?  What are some of the highlights of your business that you want your viewers to see?  Do you take pride in social responsibility, affiliations with your community, or have the drive to provide the best customer experience?  These are a few things you can use thematically in videos that are conjunctionally promoting a sale or a new product or service.  Take into consideration what that viewer might be needing at the time they are watching that video… and how you might address the solution to that viewer.

The First Few Seconds Can Make-or-Break

While attention spans get shorter and shorter over time, videos fall right along with the various media that suffer from increasing bounce rates.  The beginning of your video should contain a clip no longer than eight seconds before the user loses interest and bounces off.  In that case, there needs to be other interesting imagery, text, or graphics to help keep people stimulated and wanting more.

There are a variety of different things to help keep viewers engaged.  Dedicate the first five seconds or so as a hook or a general intro to the criteria of the entire video.  Toss the thumbnail image around until one of the nicest looking snapshots shows up first before the video plays.  Make sure your video doesn’t run too long as viewers might see video’s length and opt out to watch the whole duration of the video.  These are several things that are important to consider when editing a video, especially for the content-saturated world of social media platforms.

Don’t Forget About Social Media!

Facebook is your new best friend when it comes to video marketing.  As a content distribution platform, Facebook has so many tools to help get your video seen and to hopefully translate that view into clicks on your website — or, better yet, a sale!  Tools like audience targeting are useful for determining several demographics like age, gender, locations, and languages.  You can also target more specific things like interests or liked pages.  Unlike physically limiting the audience of a post, selecting targeted interests doesn’t affect who can and cannot see your video.

Social media can be easy in a lot of ways, but it also doesn’t mean that managing it and promoting videos on social media is a walk in the park.  RCC knows all the ins-and-outs of social media and how to make videos one of your top-performing mediums of content.  We’ll show you all the tips and tricks to optimize your videos for search and start getting eyeballs on those campaigns!

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