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Off Page SEO Is the Secret Sauce of Digital Marketing

Off-page SEO is a method of digital marketing monitoring activities taken outside of your own website to influence your search engine traffic page rankings (SERPs).  This digital marketing strategy is essential for getting your website ranked since it is the only method Google, or any other search engine, receives an authority signal indicating your content is useful to readers.

When this starts to pick up, the result is:

  • Branding on the web
  • Growth of audience exposure
  • Increased traffic from referrals and social media
  • Elevation in domain authority
  • Improved search engine visibility

What online users are searching for is always changing, so SEO practices are consistently having to re-optimize and adapt to better and higher-ranking abilities to rank in search engines like Google.  Though it’s very difficult to know Google's exact ranking criteria, evidence shows that off-page SEO can potentially account for more than half of the ranking criteria for a given website.

Ultimately, putting links on your web pages to other areas of your website is what drives the best off-page SEO results.  Webpages that contain the least number of links are going to suffer in Google search results.  It's worth noting, though, that the end result of both of these actions is to establish a connection to your site from somewhere else on the internet, whether that relationship is a link, a mention of your brand or website, or anything else entirely.

Whatever method was used to acquire the connections, the ones that contribute the most to SEO activities are usually the ones that transfer the most equity.

  • There are several signs that add to the equity exchanged, including:
  • The popularity of the linked site.
  • How relevant the linked page is to the original page.
  • The trustworthiness of the linked page.
  • The number of links on the original page.
  • Authority of the linking domain and page.
  • As well as more.

All-in-all, on-and-off-page SEO is a complicated and constantly changing thing in marketing.  Without the necessary tools and resources for things like tracking search data and keyword research, you can end up spending a lot of money without getting a lot back in return.  That’s where a team of experts like RCC comes in.  To learn more about SEO, give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the steps!

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