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Learn How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Holiday Sales

Email marketing continues to be one of the primary means to attract people to your business online. Realistically, most people have an email address today.  Email marketing is a more financially efficient and faster way for businesses to reach their respective markets and inform customers of upcoming deals. Email marketing has a great ROI rate and it’s easy for any company to set up. As email marketing has continued to improve sales and increase exposure for various businesses, this marketing strategy is often widely used for the busy holiday shopping season. RCC Web Media Agency has a few different tips in order to help you and your business take advantage of an email marketing campaign and achieve more customer traffic.

When Should I Start My Holiday Email Marketing Campaign?

One of the most common questions is when should an email marketing campaign designated for holiday shoppers start?  Since winter holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, and others – start and end at all different times, there is no sure date to begin your email marketing campaign. Except, experts say that it’s a good idea to aim for right after Halloween concludes – anywhere from November 1 to November 15.

The period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is significantly lucrative for businesses. But, even around this time, email marketing has always been working to improve a business’ customer procurement. In order to really generate some traffic for your business, participating in the peak holiday shopping season is a great place to begin. And all of that can start with email marketing.

Be More Engaged & Personal with Your Customers

Something to keep in mind with holiday shopping is that you’re not the only business promoting its products during this competitive time. Therefore, it’s essential for you to engage kindly and openly with customers. People receive so many emails now that it’s sometimes hard to sift through what they want to read, and they end up just deleting most of it. When you scroll through your emails and see a friend’s email, you’re going to take notice and respond to it promptly.

The goal is to take this kind of camaraderie and apply it to your email marketing campaign.  Write to your customers as if they are the only ones on the receiving end of that email. Personalize your email copy with emojis, slang, current social trends, and relatable phrases. In these campaigns, it’s you and your customer. It’s an enjoyable time for many people during the holiday season. So, that same kind of energy should go into your email marketing, as well.

Newsletters are a Thing of the Past – Stick with Automation

Newsletters are a traditional means for a business to market their latest sales, promote new products, and give an overview of the company at that time. However, newsletters can be too busy to look at considering a business puts all its current information in it. Even online,  digital newsletters aren’t making the cut anymore. That’s why it’s imperative to reconsider this marketing strategy and opt for automated messages to your customers.

One example to implement automation is when a customer adds items to their shopping cart, but they end up leaving your website for some reason. Automated email marketing will register customers with items in their carts and send a message to remind them to return and continue shopping. This can come in handy for Black Friday or Cyber Monday shoppers as the number of deals and information circulating can be distracting for the customer. Compose an automated email marketing message and set a certain amount of time from when the customer last put an item in their cart. For shopping-intensive events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might want to set the time sooner than normal, so customers don’t lose their items.

Let Us Help You with Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign!

Of course, if you need help creating an awesome holiday email marketing campaign, RCC Web Media Agency would be happy to help! We offer full-service digital marketing in Michigan that aims to save money for you and your growing business. Through years of experience, we know that successful marketing campaigns need several components. And when you trust RCC with your marketing needs, you get an instant team of dedicated professionals working for you.

Ultimately, hiring a digital marketing firm like RCC will expose you to the expertise that you need to stay above-and-beyond your competitors. Let us know how we can help you today by calling (888) 565-7102 or visit us at!