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Learn How Call Tracking Can Turn Into Profits

Have you ever heard of call-tracking software, such as CallRail?  Most business owners have not, and thats ok!  Call tracking is a method to understand your online and offline activity for your business.  All-in-all, call tracking is going to help you collect and analyze customer data to see where it is you can most improve and increase sales.

In todays world, businesses need a good, top-tracking website in order to compete with competitors.  We are now in a time where there are tools that exist to help propel your business to the forefront and snag those customers from your competition.

At RCC, we use call tracking as a part of our daily digital marketing strategy for our clients.  Take a look at the brief list below to see why we emphasize using this software for your business:

Phone Call Attribution as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Online marketing efforts go unmeasured or measured insignificantly without call tracking implementation.  Today, in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Google Analytics, you can monitor the conversions and completion of SEO goals of your online business.  But there is always the opportunity for potential customers to call you directly instead of filling out your online contact forms.  Phone calls are recorded so you no longer have any inquiries that get lost in translation.  With platforms like CallRail, you can track and measure phone calls as conversions, which gives you an even broader picture of the online success of your business.

Inserting Various Phone Numbers

Inserting designated phone numbers is what truly makes online call tracking successful.  This feature will automatically assign phone numbers to visitors based on their specific source, whether that is through Google PPC, Facebook, YouTube, and more.  It allows you to properly attribute what online platform your calls are coming in from.  Tracking even plays into the interactions of users on your website.  So, if users leave and return to the same medium within your business, they will continue to see that same phone number.  With this dynamic feature, business owners will always have the ability to see which platforms are producing conversions.

Tracking Calls Can Improve the Customer Experience

Do you recall the saying we will be recording this call for quality assurance purposes” by a customer representative?  Call recording can allow you to gather valuable feedback about your employees and customers alike.  For one, recording calls enables you to better identify leads and allocate the time with the customers who have the potential to convert to sales leads.

Another advantage to recording phone calls is being able to listen in on phone conversations between the customer service representatives (or sales team) and your customers.  Use this ongoing tool to monitor conversations, improve upon business practices, strengthen the knowledge of your representatives, progressively maintain your marketing campaigns, and more.  Maybe the best part is turning those phone conversations into content for the web!

Measuring Online and Offline Campaigns

Monitoring web analytics and improving upon your existing marketing techniques makes it easy to see the progressive online presence of your business.  But how does something like call tracking affect you while you are offline?  Call tracking is a reliable means to maintain your offline marketing campaigns with tools like campaign level tracking.  In CallRail, you can designate phone numbers in mediums such as eBlasts or flyers to get an accurate read on your efforts offline.  In correlation with your online marketing data, you can determine what kinds of campaigns are generating leads and the strongest ROI for your business.

Tracking Keywords That Provoke Phone Calls

Call tracking allows you to accurately pinpoint the keywords in your paid online campaigns that are driving phone calls and sales conversions.  By implementing keyword level call tracking, CallRail will designate a phone number from your list of call tracking lines to each individual user, providing CallRail the information regarding who is calling you and from where they were able to find you online.  After each user is finished web browsing, this designated phone number is open for another user to use.  The feature makes it easy you to track your PPC customers and which keyword rankings they use to find your business online.

As users call your business, this individual data is analyzed by Google Analytics and Google Ads, giving you the option to track calls as lead conversions.  In correlation with the additional Google data - or from other platforms like HubSpot - and you can have a comprehensive understanding of the top-tracking keywords performing the most for your business.

Which Businesses Ought to Invest in Call Tracking

Phone calls are a crucial component of the customer experience and a key feature in developing new customers for your growing business.  If you happen to fall into any one of the following business categories, RCC advises that you invest in tracking calls.

·      Digital marketing companies

·      Automotive services

·      Legal services

·      Healthcare

·      Real estate agencies

·      Financial and accounting services

·      In-home or in-office services

·      B2B, B2C, and SaaS businesses

·      Businesses with multiple locations

Call tracking has efficient features that allow businesses to familiarize and understand the behaviors of their customers.  Whether you are a small business or a large firm, call tracking will help you determine customer insights to properly gauge and execute success for your business!

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