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Important Digital Marketing Terms: Digital Marketing Michigan

Are you confused over eMarketing terms? ROI, Digital Footprint, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, what does it all mean?!

These terms can be quite discombobulating when interviewing a digital marketing agency to represent your brand. Study up on these terms to be prepared when creating your next digital marketing campaign!

1.            Internet Footprint

               a.            The combined presence of your business on all digital channels, website, social, local listings, directories, review sites, etc.


2.            Digital Marketing

               a.            A catchall term for online work that includes specialized marketing practices like SEO, PPC, Outbound Email, Social, web design, blogging, content, and any other form of advertising on a internet-connected device with a screen. Traditionally, television was not considered digital marketing,     however the shift from cable television to internet streaming means that digital advertising can now be served to online TV viewers.


3.            Analytics

               a.            The reports that can be setup and obtained from digital channels to detail performance of your Internet Footprint and Digital Marketing

4.            Digital Goals

               a.            Specific goals to achieve for your digital marketing effort. Most commonly would be specific to:

                              i.              Brand Awareness

                              ii.             Lead Generation

                              iii.            eCommerce Direct Sales

5.            Customer/Prospect Value

               a.            ACLE -  Average Customer Lifetime Value

               b.            APV – Average Initial Purchase Value

               c.             May need multiple profiles for a business


6.            Digital ROI

               a.            The Return on Investment calculated from the Analytics data, direct costs of Digital Marketing and the Goals achieved.


7.            Account Manager

               a.            The individual whom manages and acts as primary point of contact on Digital Marketing plans that encompass a team of experts to achieve a positive ROI.