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How Google Display Ads Can Make or Break Your Online Presence

As a growing business online, you want customers, and you need to reach those customers in an interesting way.  This is why Google is such a powerful tool for a growing online presence in many different ways.  One of those is to use Google display advertising as a means to build your valuable, recognizable brand while keeping your brand at the forefront of any prospective customers.

In fact, according to Google,  the Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across two million sites!  That’s a lot of prospects for your business, even for local and small businesses.  But, what is a display ad, and why do you need it for your business?

Google’s display advertising is essentially a visual of your brand displayed on the webpage of an article, around a YouTube video post, or while scrolling on a mobile app.  However, display ads are best used when they’retargeted to relevant consumers instead of across the board.

How Display Ads Can Be Used

Essentially, internet users will see display ads while theyre simultaneously consuming content on the web.  To put it more simply, display ads are excellent for brand awareness and marketing a new product, service, or deal you have going around.  As digital imagery becomes progressively interesting and innovative, display ads are a great way to distinguish your brand in consumers’ brains.

Plus, these types of online ads are practical.  Most of the time in search ads, consumers will click on your ad, browse your website, and can become distracted and bounce off.  The idea for display ads is to get your consumers back on your website with a purpose.  So, when your prospects are, say, scrolling a mobile app and see your ad, they’re more likely to follow through with their original search.

The Different Types of Display Ads

Essentially, there are two different types of display ads: responsive and uploaded.  RCC has an experienced team of design and PPC specialists to go the uploaded route; creating interesting and eye-grabbing content that produces real results.  Responsive ads are a great way to start a brand-new PPC campaign.  Google introduced this route of ad creation the requires a minimal amount of work but produces content that is still visually appealing and results-driven.

Depending on where you are with your current PPC infrastructure will determine how involved you would like your display creative to be.  Do you have a certain font style or branded color palette you know you need?  Are there specific images of products or services you would like advertised?  We tell our clients that uploaded display ads are the way to go to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Implement Your Targeting Goals

In essence, the way to best spend your display ad budget is by optimizing your targeting parameters to hone in on as many relevant clicks and impressions as possible.  From this, you have a couple of options in regard to targeting parameters: people or context.

From narrowing down a specific demographic to a type of audience interested in a certain product or service, people targeting is a great way to deliver your ads to a range of people who align with your brand.  Demographically, targeting will relate to things like age, gender, or marital status; audience targeting will take from interests and behaviors that will fuel parameters.

Contextual targeting is going to be a lot more about the content than the people.  Two subcategories of this kind of targeting are keywords and topics.  Keyword targeting is going to mean that the display ad content you create will relate to a particular keyword you would like to target.  Topic targeting will relate your content to a specific topic, such as food or retail.

One of the best resources Google implements is the ability to remove your brand from irrelevant contexts that might distract consumers.  This gives your brand the upper hand in really honing in on those consumers that you know have interest in the particular product or service you provide.

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Ultimately, there is a lot to unpack when navigating the Google waters.  Our experts are trained and ready to help you and your brand explore the best options related to display advertising while staying within the budget you know you can put forth.  You can trust RCC to show you our expertise and lead the way of turning your business into a searchable enterprise, bring in more sales, and transform your overall marketing strategy to fit the molds of the ever-growing market!  Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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