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How Email Marketing Is Made Simple

Email marketing is nothing new.  But that’s for good reason!  It is one of the most direct means of connecting with target markets, nurturing them, familiarizing with them, and turning them into lead generation.  Effective marketing emails will convert business prospects into customers, turning one-time buyers into potentially loyal fans of the brand.

While there are many reasons to make email marketing a priority, the digital marketing experts at RCC have narrowed it down to the most important three:

·      Email is a top communication channel.  Email is one of the most checked communication platforms in digital media.  It continues to be one of the most used with businesses and consumers alike.

·      You can build and own your own list.  Considering social media platforms, accounts can be deleted suspended at any time, for any reason, without any notice.  On the contrary, email lists stay with you.  There is nothing anyone can do to take that from you.

·      Email conversions simply work better.  Email offers create a huge response from consumers of all markets.  And if you think that social media conversions alone are much better… think again!  The average order values of an email are at the minimum three times greater than that of social media.

It might be intimidating to start building an email list and get going with your new strategy.  In order to get started with email marketing strategy, let’s go over some main points.

Optimize the Sending Frequency of Emails

Having one of our digital marketing professionals at RCC help you build an email schedule is a key to your success as an email marketer.  With our routine reporting meetings with you, we will optimize your approach catering to the new data coming out of each month.  We know brands need to continuously be changing and shaping their marketing strategies based upon usage and performance of email marketing campaigns.

Consider the following questions when approaching your performance data every month:

·      Which times of the day work best?

·      Which days of the week work best?

·      Do open email rates appear to drop at certain times?

·      Are there high numbers of complaints about oversaturating inboxes?

Once you identify this data every month, or upon every reporting meeting, we can put together the new strategy and approach the new set of goals for the next month.  If your user data changes constantly, we can design a plan tailored specifically to you and your target audience.

Optimize for Mobile Users

Depending on the target audience, products or services you are marketing, and email type, mobile email users account for more than two-thirds of opened email data.  In today’s mobile-friendly environment, it is so essential to keep appealing to those everyday users.  Some things to remember are to keep your email responsive and include media that is easily loadable.  Call-to-actions and subject lines are very important.  We’ll spend time with you to identify the best email content that is easily readable and still engaging to your consumers.

Personalizing Matters!

Writing content to your consumers should read like it is personalized like the messaging is catered to them.  In order to write this way, you must know your target market and buyer persona.  RCC can help you identify your most interacting demographics in order to tailor messaging to cater to them.  These individual demographics have specific needs, seeking products and services to solve their problems, values, likes, and dislikes.

Take that corporate hat off and write to them like they are a friend.  Stuffy, often-too-direct kinds of messages are more likely to be ignored or sent right to the trash file.  Remember… in this age of rapid information exchange, everyone wants a reason to ignore emails.  But if you appeal right from the get-go, your chances are greater of getting that email opened.

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