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Google Ads and Your Keywords

Do you know the ever-so-complicated world of digital marketing and tracking complex data analytics?  Yeah, we know… tracking data is not only complicated to do, but it’s also complicated to keep up with, as well.  Keyword research is one of the most powerful and essential tools for your website.  Though it’s important to remember that keywords and phrases change, and it can be easy to end up with a bucket of faulty keywords if you aren’t careful.

Here’s the bottom line: Don’t waste your money on the least-tracking keywords!  But you would never know such a thing if you didn’t have an experienced team of analysts to walk you through it.  RCC will work with you to show you where your money needs to go to ultimately start converting more leads into sales.

Let’s dive into some basics about what it is we can do to help bring your site some life in the always-changing world of data analytics.

Analysis of Conversion Tracking

Before we get into keywords and how powerful keywords really are, let’s focus first on conversion tracking.  Ad spends need to be more concrete than just tracking clicks or tracking impressions on Google.  Conversion actions mean any kind of action within your business — email newsletters, live chats, contact forms, form fills, and, yes, especially sales and filling a shopping cart.  RCC knows how to carefully track conversion windows and monitor how often customers are clicking and what might be happening in between a click and a purchase.  From looking at webpage content to analyzing how customers reach the desired action, RCC knows the ins-and-outs of PPC marketing.

Ongoing Keyword Research

What might be one of the most important components of pay-per-click marketing is targeting high-performing keywords.  But just because you have over 100 keywords tracking on your website doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the clear for tons of conversions.  Our digital marketing professionals think outside of the box.  We think of things like meaningful search volumes, the relevance of keywords to your business, products, or services, whether the keywords speak to users in some way, and more.

Once you have researched and identified the strongest keywords producing the most conversion activity, it’s time to put them to work.  Our suggestion is to put together high-quality paid ads and/or interior website landing pages and see how they perform with your chosen keywords for at least eight weeks.  You will start to see web activity shifts when people begin to see your ads pop up when they’re searching for things you’re selling.  But this only happens if you zero in on the strongest keyword bids that actually have converting power!

Eliminate the Useless Keywords

Now it’s time to try to figure out what keywords are the strongest and what keywords you just don’t need to waste your money on.  Platforms such as Google Ads and AdWords will show us which keywords are performing at their best and which ones are way at the bottom collecting dust.  If you have several keywords generating numerous interactions and impressions, then that’s great!  Though, it’s still very possible you are including, if not paying for, keywords building little-to-no momentum for your website.

Well, then let’s eliminate the losing words!  RCC has a trained eye in identifying keywords with the greatest amount of traffic spanning in the last 30 days to as far out as three-to-six months.  So, if you are including keywords that haven’t produced any activity in at least the last 30 days, then it might be time to rethink its inclusion altogether.  What are the current trends for search terms?  Are there close similarities between search terms or “Near Me” terms?  How is the health of the content on your website or landing pages where clicks are leading your customers?  These are all questions to consider as we work with you to audit your current spending and allocate money to your top performers.

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