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Five Reasons You Should Hire A Certified Google Ads Agency

Google partners are experts that are certified to work with Google. This means that the company has demonstrated experience and success in managing AdWords for their clients, they have met the performance requirements, and they participate in ongoing training. You can know if an agency is Google certified just by looking at their website. They will always share their Google Partner badge, like RCC Web Media proudly displays ours. You can rest assured that when you see this badge, the company has met and will continue to meet Google’s standards.

What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner though?

Sure, they’ve met Google’s standards and have kept up with their training, but what does that mean? How does that benefit your business? Five of the best reasons to hire a digital marketing agency that is partnered with Google are:

  • You receive better ad support
  • You get high-quality service
  • Your company can utilize the latest betas and innovations
  • Transparent billing
  • Better reporting and analytics

Calling a large corporation to find answers to your questions can be frustrating, at best. You will likely be put on hold, transferred to the wrong person, and the answers that you do receive may not be as detailed as you would like. Searching through support forums is rarely any better. When you hire a Google Partner, you won’t have to deal with these stressors. No more long waits, no more breadcrumb trails to follow, and you won’t have to listen to the dreaded hold music. Certified Google Partners have exclusive access to experts. Any issues with your campaigns are resolved, you get clear answers to your questions, and you will receive faster service than when you try to do it on your own. You will have access to the masters of Google AdWords and all its features.

You will receive high-quality service along with better ad support. Google Partners are required to exemplify only the best practices. Google Ads changes constantly, so does the management side. If you don’t stay up to date on what is new, you could be wasting your money. Thankfully, Google Partners are always up to date, so we can use the latest trends for you. RCC Web Media will ensure that your ads are running properly and reaching the market that you want to target through multiple different methods, using the newest marketing trends and technology. Our goal is to implement successful marketing strategies for each of our clients.

Google Partners get the first opportunities to use Google’s new beta features. Once a new application has been developed by Google, RCC Web Media has access to the new features for up to a year before the public can use it. This means that your company will have an opportunity to stand out and take advantage of features before your competition even gets a chance. Can you imagine the advantage that would give your business?

Let’s face it, billing can be complex when it comes to Google AdWords. You can end up with multiple bills each month, they are based on a few different variables. When you work with a Google Partner, they can provide you with consolidated and clear billing reports once a month. You must admit, that sounds a lot less confusing and complex than the bills you would receive if you tried to run ads on your own or through an agency that is not partnered with Google.

Google Partners like RCC Web Media can also provide you with better data reporting and analytics. They have experience marketing and creating successful ads for clients from everywhere, even some in the same field as your own company. This means that they have likely already worked out kinks and issues in your industry and have a proven keyword list that they know will work well for your business. Your ads will already be optimized from the start. Don’t bother with the guesswork when it comes to creating ads for your business. Contact the experts at RCC Web Media, a certified Google Partner, to create optimized ads for you!