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Finding the Best Social Media Marketing Michigan

Most Michigan business owners know that good social media marketing is integral to their success. Along with web development, SEO services, PPC advertising, email marketing, and ORM services, social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing Michigan. And social media marketing changes constantly. It takes a top-tier digital marketing firm to keep up with social media trends, and RCC Web Media Agency is always on the cutting edge of everything current. We work hard to ensure that our clients get constant, positive exposure on the most relevant social media platforms. And the digital marketing experts at RCC Web Media Agency collaborate with clients to truly understand their businesses, their goals, and their target audiences.

The Latest in Social Media Marketing Trends

To get you started on your social media marketing journey – or to build from your established foundation – here are a few tips on the current trends in social media. Generation Z has recently entered the workplace, and these young adults are shaping the future of digital marketing, starting with social media platforms.

The Rise of Instagram Stories

Instagram is not just for the very youngest consumers anymore – although, young adults (age 25 and under) use Instagram more than any other social media platform. Older adults have jumped into the Instagram scene, and they are regularly sharing stories – AND noticing companies with active “Insta” accounts.

The Growing Popularity of Influencer Marketing

Sharing blogs on social media platforms has been an effective strategy in digital marketing plans for years. Now, smart business owners and professional marketers blog as influencers (or utilize outside influencers), gain followers, and share this valuable content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in YouTube videos.

The Importance of YouTube Channels

Speaking of YouTube, this platform is more popular than ever with consumers of all ages. And you can easily start your own great-looking, highly effective, and surprisingly affordable YouTube channel with a YouTube subscription service through RCC Web Media Agency.

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