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Digital Billboards and Direct Mail: Advertising Agencies Michigan

Digital billboards and direct mail are two very smart moves on the promotion side of a product or business.

Digital Billboards, being the main advertising factor when driving business, can be very effective if you get one on a busy street or highway. They come in many different sizes, size being a dependent on the price. Think of the strategy, though: how many times can you pass a billboard advertising food before you decide you’re hungry and want to grab a bite?

Direct mail, however, tends to be proven more effective, since you are directly sending the potential customer the advertisement; whether it be in the form of a letter, brochure, catalog, postcard, newsletter, etc. You also have total control over who sees it, how they see it, and when they see it.

So both are good in their own ways. Digital billboards have the potential to reach more customers since you don’t need to control how many people see it, but Direct Mail is more personalized and carries through better than passing a billboard would - but why not use both! This is undoubtedly the best choice for a business wanting to pursue more customers, since it gives multiple avenues of advertisement.

One of the most important factors to both of these is that they’re each a physical form of advertisement; you need to be driving to pass by a billboard, and direct mail is snugged in with the rest of your mail. In other words, it’s way easier to delete an email advertisement, or scroll past an ad on a webpage. While online methods are still good to use (we live in a digital age, after all), it’s a smart move to give the customers something physical to view.

Think about these methods the next time you want to increase your advertising range, they may be the best ways to do so.