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3 Great Google Plus Tips for your Business: Social Media Marketing Michigan

Google + may seem to be the social media platform that gets forgotten, but it is one of the most important verticals to keep updated that will result in a major SEO value. Not only will this platform improve your search engine ranking, but it will also help build connections to cultivate your business network.

  1. Beef Up your About Page

The about section of your Google + page is where you can showcase all the services and products that your business offers. This is also where you can input SEO friendly keywords about your business which will boost your search engine rankings and lead to new customers finding you.

       2. Upload a Professional Profile Picture

Your business Google + profile picture will be shown next to any comments or interactions made on circles and community posts so make sure it is professional and represents your business well. If you have a brand ambassador, or a face of your company, a nice head shot will do. Or your business logo is the best way to represent your brand on the Google + platform.

      3. Post with Optimized Content

The best thing about Google + is that it is linked to the most powerful search engine in cyber land. Google’s algorithm gives weight to search results found on Google +, so post often with relevant content and keywords closely related to your business. Whether that be promotions, articles, or images, these posts will be indexed and influence new customers to find you on Google.