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3 Great Instagram Tips for your Business: Social Media Marketing Troy

Instagram is slowly taking over the social media world. First with over 600 million users and second with the stories application, you can give your followers a live day to day inside look of your brand. Read these tips (and follow us on Instagram @rccwebmediaagency) to learn how to advance your business on this highly popular platform.

1. Display your brand in a visual manner

Showcase your products, services, and employees in a creative way. Ask yourself, how can I add value to my customers lives? Visual content can help by showing your customers why they need what you’re selling.

If you are an eCommerce company tagging your products on your Instagram profile and linking them to your website is not only a great link building strategy it is also a great way to interact with your followers and future customers.



2. Add Text to your posts

It is not a rule that you have to have text in your Instagram posts but doing so adds to the overall identity of what the post is actually about. The text can range from a promotional description about the product and or service you are selling or can be a #MotivationalMonday quote. The advantage to adding text is that it can provoke an emotion, an emotion that leads to connecting to your brand and therefore leads to using the services of your brand.




3. Showcase Customer Reviews

We know you love your business, but why not show that real life customers love it too. A great testimonial or review branded on an image can take that future customer who is on the fence about trying your new Thai Pho Restaurant to calling and making a reservation for this Friday night.