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Drone footage is the new dominating film technique.

Drones are here and they are the hot, new commodity in video marketing.  These high-powered machines catch enticing images with aerial views and stunning wide shots for a truly immersive experience for the viewer.  Drones can be utilized to shoot plant tours, manufacturing warehouses, landscapes, and, of course, the grounds of your business.

Handheld footage has gotten even better, too!

The days of utilizing a standard DSLR camera for all your video needs has become a thing of the past.  While DSLR equipment can shoot interviews and other point-and-shoot material, handheld cameras have evolved alongside the other trends of the industry.  Gimbal handhelds are designed to give the point-of-view footage a new level of experience.  The innovative smooth balancing of the camera lessens shake and provides a clear picture for walkthroughs, demonstrations, and other close-ups.

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