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Bringing customers to you

The increase in eCommerce brings undeniable opportunities for the taking.  The changing and unpredictable needs of shoppers present challenges and threats to businesses.  Striking the right balance means targeting the right people, with the right message on the right channel, at the perfect point in the buying process.  Therefore, we craft a specific plan for each client based on their goal and work with them to reach it.

Don’t let customers fall through the cracks!

Integrating eCommerce into your website opens many doors for you as a business owner.  What might be even more important is how eCommerce is used on your website.  Shopping carts are tied to your bottom line of converting leads and generating sales.  If customers have trouble navigating through such applications, you might risk the chance of losing sales over time.

From experience with merchant services to automating customer service requests, eCommerce can be a difficult challenge for business owners on their own.  It’s easy to see why RCC has had numerous successes developing eCommerce for businesses, and you and your business should be no different!

Keeping them coming back

The shopping process does not end with a decision of purchase or no purchase.  We target each group with a message to bring them back to the product they were thinking about and show an existing customer more that’s available.

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