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Why Google Search Campaigns Defy Your Marketing Strategy

Search campaigns are a great source to help increase the revenue, traffic growth, and brand awareness of many different kinds of businesses online.

Monday, March 29, 2021
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Search campaigns are a great source to help increase the revenue, traffic growth, and brand awareness of many different kinds of businesses online.  But, in order for PPC strategies to work, they need structure, and this structure comes from you and the objectives you have for your business.

But, be warned!  The approach through pay per click needs a good strategy behind it.  If you opt for doing your own executions of PPC, you might risk over-budgeting, or worse, losing potential customers along the way.  Therefore, the PPC strategists here at RCC Web Media Agency are here to help you build a PPC search campaign strategy for the long haul.

From defining key target areas to bidding on high-ranking keywords, you can trust RCC to deliver results that you can see reflected in your bottom line!  Now, let’s go over some of the reasons why outsourcing your search campaigns can only benefit you at the end of the day.

Defining Clear Goals and Budgets

The team here at RCC has the experience to guide you to your end result from determining what it is you need from Google and the amount you need to spend each month.  All campaigns are not created equal, just like our local businesses.  Therefore, the next month’s PPC strategy may look different than he last month’s.  Whether you want to pump more into your website traffic, or increase your spend on keywords, we’ll work with you regularly to define these goals ahead of time.

Which brings our point of focusing in on your budget.  We can help you identify the search terms you should be bidding on as well as how many clicks you can expect from those bids per month.  The bottom line in search campaign strategies is to help boost the presence of your brand while staying in a healthy budget.  You don’t want to get caught overpaying for keywords that are dominated by your competition, only to leave your budget dry for other marketing initiatives.

Put Some Focus in Keyword Research

All searches start with those words or phrases being typed into the search engine.  Identifying these words and phrases is going to put you ahead, especially if you know the metrics of how often these words and phrases are searched.

One of the best places to start keyword research is to compare to your competition.  Take a look at the list of searched keywords of your top competitors and see how these words and phrases might be applicable to you.  However, don’t stop at just the highest ranking keywords.  Make sure to research those searched words and phrases that are negatively impacting your competition.  This can also give you an idea of what not to include in your search campaign.

Increase Your Return on Investment

What you can do start improving campaign ROI is by distributing your budget better.  Low-performing keywords are going to be the death of you in the long run, and allocating your budget to high-performing keywords are going to put you on the map.  Your short-and-long-term search campaigns are going to be based on how much you allocate to words and phrases with the most interaction.

Ultimately, your Quality Score within each keyword entry is going to matter down the line.  This could mean writing frequent blogs on your website, improving landing pages containing such keywords, creating more text ads with better content, and more.  The higher the Quality Score is for a given keyword, the better it will perform out in search engines like Google.

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