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What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Landing pages have exploded in popularity in the digital marketing industry for many reasons, but overall, it’s because they’re designed to convert leads into sales, subscriptions, social media follows, or anything else you need.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Landing pages have exploded in popularity in the digital marketing industry for many reasons, but overall, it’s because they’re designed to convert leads into sales, subscriptions, social media follows, or anything else you need. Landing pages allow you to shorten the conversion funnel, cutting out extra steps in the journey from interest to conversion so you lose fewer people along the way. Your potential customers don’t want to waste time and you don’t want to waste their time either. Landing pages are one of the best ways to efficiently bring interested customers to conversion.  

What makes a page a landing page?
Really, any page that you link to is a landing page, since whoever clicks that link will land there. However, not every page on your website will make an effective landing page that drives conversions. There are certain qualities that make a landing page effective and efficient, and if you have a landing page that doesn’t have all of these qualities, then you should edit it or replace it with one that does.

Qualities of an effective landing page

  • Straight to the point – The benefit of landing pages is in their efficiency, so make sure yours is direct. Have a specific kind of conversion in mind and build the page for that singular purpose, like sales, email subscriptions, etc.
  • No distractions – If a customer has made it to this landing page, they came because they’re interested in the specific kind of conversion that you planned the page for. So, don’t put links to other products and services on this page since they aren’t guaranteed to care about them. This will only distract from the purpose of the landing page.
  • Clean looking, easy to use – Like any page on your website, a landing page needs to look good and be easy to navigate. If this is the home stretch for your conversion, you don’t want to turn customers off one step before the finish line with a confusing or ugly page.
  • A strong call to action – Especially if this landing page is the final step in the conversion process, the ‘closer,’ you need a strong CTA that will grab your customers’ attention and keep their eyes on the prize.

Two main types of landing pages
Since landing pages get so specific, there are tons of different kinds on the internet. Most landing pages fall into two general categories based on the goal of the page, and depending on the goal, the landing page will fall at different points of the conversion funnel.

Click through Landing Page
Clickthrough landing pages are the end of the line for your conversion funnel, they’re looking to get a customer to clickthrough into a checkout or subscription page. These pages are most effective for SaaS or eCommerce businesses. Once you’ve got customers interested in buying your software or subscribing to an email newsletter, sending them to a clickthrough landing page makes it quick and easy for them to finish signing up.

Lead Generation Landing Page
As you may have guessed from “lead generation” in the name, these pages are near the start of your conversion funnel and can give you high-quality leads for sales. If you’re a B2B or B2C business trying to sell big-ticket or high-commitment products/services, then weeding out low-quality leads will save you a lot of time. If someone has shown interest in your big-ticket item, sending them to a lead generation page allows them to easily give you their contact information at their convenience so you can close the deal with them.

Getting people to your landing pages
Now that you’ve got an effective and efficient landing page ready to go, you need to get people landing there. There are four different ways to drive traffic into your landing pages and increase your conversions.

Paid search ads
Although it’s more expensive than other methods, paid search ads can be the most effective way to drive traffic. With Google Search Ads, for example, you can specifically target the kind of customers who would be interested in the purpose of your landing page and show only them the link to it. Also, you can set limits on daily and monthly ad spending so that you stay within your budget.

Paid social media ads
Offering the same trade-off as paid search ads, if you’ve got the budget then paid social media ads are a great way to reach customers. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have a similar targeting ability to Google, so you can show your ads to only the best potential customers.

Email newsletters and campaigns
Email is an effective way to reach your customers, and most people don’t worry about giving their email address out to a reputable business so long as they are interested in what you offer. If you’ve got the expertise to share in a newsletter, or you’ve got an enticing deal to offer, people won’t mind getting your emails and are more likely to interact with them. With interested readers, you can get some use out of a link to a landing page in your emails.

Organic search traffic
This is the only way to drive traffic that you don’t have to pay directly to access, but it will take time and effort. Getting organic search traffic to a landing page can be difficult since the page has to be relevant, not too packed with information, designed correctly, and contain popular keywords used in the right amounts. The best way to increase organic search traffic is to have a professional marketing agency work on your website.

RCC Web Media Agency | Experts in eCommerce and all of eMarketing!

It’s clear to see from how much goes into landing pages alone that digital marketing is a complex and time-consuming activity, and it evolves constantly. Though it’s tough to manage that many moving parts, it’s still necessary for a modern business that wants to thrive. The best way to stay on top of your business and your digital marketing is to hire a professional agency that has the expertise and the time necessary for digital marketing success. The team at RCC Web Media has both, and we’re always keeping up with the latest best practices in eMarketing so that we can offer you the best return on your investment possible.

To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (888) 565-7102 or send in an online contact form and we’ll answer every question you have.

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