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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 from One of the Top Marketing Firms in Michigan

With a New Year comes new marketing trends and the shift of focus for your brand. With 2.62 billion social media users worldwide, how are you planning for your 2018 digital marketing campaign?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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  1. Eye-Catching Video Content

Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos every day

65% of marketers are preparing to increase their budgets for mobile ads to focus more on video within the next few months.

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     2. Gain “influence” on social media

Brands will develop long-term relationships with social media influencers in 2018. One billion dollars is spent on influencers every year!

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     3. AI Improvements

It is the year of the chatbox! More brands will be using the chat box for customer support. The culprits of the chatbox are the Millennials with 58% of this generation using a chatbox and 71% saying that they will interact with a chatbox from a major brand.

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     4. Social Media TV

Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon all have their own Emmy award-winning television series. With TV hanging in the digital world, business owners will begin selecting in for social media and YouTube ads rather than local TV commercials.

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     5. Marketing to Generation Z

Start focusing on Generation Z (born in 1995 or later). This generation spans almost 20 years and makes up 25.9% of the US population and contribute $44 billion to the American economy. Brands will need to brush up because we will be marketing to this generation’s consumers for years to come.


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