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Mobile Web Development: Are you ready for the Mobile First Transition?

Don't drop position on Google! Get ready for the Mobile First Transition!

Thursday, February 8, 2018
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The 2018 digital forecast is relying on your website to give you a digital presence more than ever. With 79% of the US consumers shopping on the web and with their phones (mobile-first) it is crystal clear that consumers are only going to pursue your business if they found it online. Now back to mobile-first, Google is going to be ranking your site based on its mobile experience. Is your mobile site up to par? If your site is not mobile responsive it is going to get lost in Google searches. Be proactive and take the right steps to impact your digital footprint!


Google and Mobile-First Indexing


Google is changing to a mobile-first index very soon, which means they will rank your site based on a mobile version of your content. 80% of internet users own a smartphone and 60% of those users make up the web browsers being used in the world.

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So how will this mobile-first initiative affect your website and business you may ask? The good news is that if the mobile version of your website has the right content, the mobile version will now be treated as the primary version in the search results, which will up your visitor’s impressions of your brand.

Google suggests that your SEO specialists prepare for the mobile-first index change now! RCC can help! We can take the correct steps to ensure your website meets Google’s Mobile-First indexing and back up your business internet presence with the correct landscape topped with paid social options.

Making the Transition to Mobile First

How to prepare for Mobile First

  1. Make user experience top priority on the design of your mobile site
  2. Make sure your primary content is on your mobile site
  3. Test your mobile site speed
  4. Call RCC for the mobile-first indexing transition! 888.565.7102
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