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Learn to Love Your Customers with Call Tracking

Call tracking in any kind of business is one of the most effective ways better understand your customers. In addition, call tracking is also an effective way to improve your customer relations and how you approach customers over the phone.

Monday, March 1, 2021
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Call tracking in any kind of business is one of the most effective ways better understand your customers.  In addition, call tracking is also an effective way to improve your customer relations and how you approach customers over the phone.  This method is widely used in local businesses to make sure that the customer experience is not only personable but comparatively better than any of your competition!

One great tool in CallRail call tracking is the use of unique phone numbers that direct calls from Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, and more right to your business.  Many businesses will use this method to keep an eye on where the most calls are coming from and how effective a given platform is for you.

Now, in order to be ahead of your competition, let’s review a few reasons why call tracking will establish an even better relationship with your customers.

Better Track Returns on Investment

Call tracking will give you all the information you need to determine ROI within the marketing campaigns of your business.  You will be able to determine which digital media platforms are producing the most interaction with your business and which are not.  This may even provoke you to decrease the spending on certain platforms and increase the ones performing the best.

Determine Peak Call Times

Every business is built differently, and that goes for when your business sees interaction with its customer base.  Many businesses are open and operate during traditional business hours.  Though, some might have strong morning interaction while others take the most calls in the evening.  With call tracking, you will be able to determine the patterns at which customers call in.  Then, you can reflect on this specific time in the way you schedule your staff.

Improve Target Marketing

Another important component of call tracking is the ability to determine the demographics of your customers calling in.  By identifying where these customers live and who they are can come directly from tracking phone calls.  This information is valuable to your business because you will then be able to determine how to adjust other efforts in your digital marketing strategy.

Refine the Efforts of your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) will be another component of your marketing plan that will see progressively positive results.  Collecting SEO information and determining the effectiveness of pay-per-click marketing directly affects your bottom line.  Therefore, with the right implemented keywords, you can use call tracking to determine which of these keywords are leading your customers to make calls.  Continuing to refine your SEO and regularly monitoring the performance of keywords will greatly increase your overall ROI.

While there are many ways that call tracking can significantly help you in the market, RCC has the tools and expertise you need to reap as many benefits as possible.  Allow RCC to show you the best ways to get ahead of what your customers are saying and act on improving your online marketing and advertising.  Let our expertise lead the way of turning your business around and bringing in sales for what could be a great recovery year for many!

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