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Increase Your Sales With Google Ads

Do you have an online store or any business for that matter that you want to increase sales with by using Google ads? You can turn your Google Ads Campaigns into money-makers with help from our expert team at RCC Web Media! 

Monday, May 9, 2022
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Do you have an online store or any business for that matter that you want to increase sales with by using Google ads?

You can turn your Google Ads Campaigns into money-makers with help from our expert team at RCC Web Media! 

You need to optimize and test your ad campaigns to increase sales with Google Ads,  

So how do you know where to start?

There are many tips and tricks that you should be using in your optimization strategy. This process can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. 

Here are a few Google Ads tips and tricks to help you increase your sales: 

Add Negative Keywords to your Campaigns

Negative keywords are one of the most powerful tools in your Google Ads campaigns. They are often overlooked, but it is important to remember that negative keywords ensure that you are eliminating searches that are not relevant to your products or services. You don’t want to pay for unnecessary clicks.

Negative Keyword Benefits:

  • They keep ROIs in line, as they prevent spending money on keywords where they will not have a good return.
  • They ensure searchers are only shown ads that are relevant to what they are searching for.
  • They increase the likelihood of more targeted traffic, which ultimately increases conversion. 

Up your negative keyword game to improve the performance of your campaigns or ad groups. Make it the first optimization step and you will reap the rewards. 

Test your Keyword Match Types for your Campaigns

The next step is to review and update your keyword match types for your campaigns. Keyword matching aids Google in determining how relevant a search term is to your ad and displaying it properly. 

Your Google Ads account should include a variety of campaigns with different match types that complement the goal of each campaign. Over time, you will refine and segment your performing campaigns and your matching strategy will change. 

Think of it as casting a wider net at the start and then refining your campaigns by narrowing your match to a more segmented search. 

When you switch to a broader match, you will be given more control over the traffic you are getting.

Increase your Budget with Long-Tail Keywords

Thirty percent of keywords with 10k searchers per month consisting of three or more words. Test and add long-tail keywords to be sure you are getting more targeted traffic that is likely to convert. With the addition of long-tail keywords, you have less competition and a higher chance of converting. 

Also, long-tail keywords can lower CPCs while increasing sales. 

Audit your Keywords and Remove Duplicates

Do not forget to remove duplicate keywords. Duplicate keywords will impact your Quality Score while eating up your budget. 

If you are bidding on the same keyword more than once, you are essentially competing with yourself and unnecessarily increasing cost-per-click. 

Start by optimizing your existing keywords and ensure you are not bidding on the same keyword more than once. 

Although there are very few where you should bid on duplicate keywords, there are times when duplicates are effective. 

Bid on your Brand Name and your Competitors’ Brand Name

You should bid on your brand name and your competitors’ brand name too! Why? Because if you are not bidding on them, your competitors will. Additionally, it will help you get to the top of SERPs where you are not organically on the first page for your brand name. 

When bidding on your competitors’ brand name, this will entice their shoppers to look at your brand name and see what you have to offer. It is a balancing act. You need to ensure your ad is not pretending to be your competitors’ ad. Instead, you should provide an alternative option that has not been thought of. 

These quick Google Ads tips and tricks will help you increase sales and improve your results. Without good optimization, you will be throwing money away. 

This can be very extremely confusing and overwhelming.  It can also be costly as you work through figuring out how to optimize your Google Ad Campaigns.  RCC Web Media has a team of experts and is Google Certifications.  We have the experience to get your campaigns up and running successfully.

For more information on what RCC Web Media can do to keep your website fresh and relevant, contact us now at (888) 565-7102 or send in an online contact form.


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