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Google Search Strategies For The Upcoming Holidays

Are you ready for holiday shopping? With everything in the world of business and marketing constantly evolving, here are a few of the steps we recommend taking to help your search strategy for the upcoming holiday months!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
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There was no sign of what would come of the holidays last year, and with the 2021 holiday season fast approaching, things are looking much different this year, especially for businesses! If local businesses make sure they have the correct information out there to enhance brand awareness, they may do wonders for themselves. This will allow for customers to make better search results which will in turn, hopefully, lead to more sales!

It's difficult for the average business owner to keep up with the complex world of online analytics and sponsored search marketing. With shifting terms, interactions, and motives for users on any given website, data moves quickly. Keyword bid management, market targeting, and extensive ad testing are all critical components inputting your company ahead of the competition.

With everything in the world of business and marketing constantly evolving, here are a few of the steps we recommend taking to help your search strategy for the upcoming holiday months!

  • Check your site's speed — Customers should be able to browse and buy things without interruption. In the off-season, work on improving site speed so you're ready for Christmas traffic.
  • Examine historical performance - Take note of the previous year's revenue projections and how your budget fared against them. Examine daily trends to see when the volume began to climb. This will help you determine when you should begin tweaking campaigns in both channels.
  • Remarket to warm audiences — Use Customer Match and RLSA to segment customers who have made purchases on your site during the holidays in the past and remarket to them.
  • Adjust aggressive budgets after peak shopping days - After the holiday rush, reduce aggressive offers – After peak shopping days, make sure to adapt your budget properly. If your bids and efficiency targets grew over the holidays, reset them so you don't run out of money after the holidays.

Pay-per-click advertising is an important part of any marketing strategy that has a direct impact on your bottom line.  Ensuring that your campaigns are strong and effective coming into the holiday season is so important. We supplement campaigns with the most powerful, most-searched keywords related to your brand, ensuring that platforms like Google pick up on your potential buyers quickly and effectively.

RCC is a full-service digital marketing agency committed to ensuring your company and its website have a strong online presence in your growing industry!  RCC offers everything you need to get your growing business off the ground and enhance your online marketing plan, including search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and more.

In addition to website development, we are experts in other areas of digital marketing, including:

  • Web Design and Web Development
  • SEO Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Google AdWords Campaign Management
  • Google PPC Ads (Search & Display)
  • Video Ads and Creating Videos for Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Online Marketing and Advertising
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM Services)
  • & More!

RCC can demonstrate our talents and lead the way in developing your company into a searchable enterprise, improving sales, and modifying an entire marketing plan to fit the molds of an ever-changing market!  Call us today at (888) 565-7102 to make an appointment or submit a request using our online contact form.  A member of our sales team will visit you to help you expand your online reach!

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