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5 Marketing Strategies for Your Niche Business: Digital Marketing Michigan

If you own a niche business, these marketing tips are for you!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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      Owning a niche business is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good part about it is that you offer a product that only a few or no other businesses offer. The bad thing is that unless people are looking for your specific product, it can be hard to get your name out there. If you are looking for a few quick tips on how to improve your marketing we’re here for you! Here are some to help get you started and if you need help with any of these tasks or need any other tips on keeping your marketing fresh, just contact us. We’re here to help!


1. Offline Marketing


    Digital marketing is so popular now that people often forget this simple marketing strategy. Yes, those online ads and those social media posts are important, but what about the old-school ways of marketing? For example, sending out postcards in the mail to potential customers in your area is a fantastic way to market your product. Or if you have a product you can sample to people, have someone walk around your local area handing them out to people and telling them about your business, if they like the product they will more than likely come back for more. Another great way to get business is by creating an eye-catching billboard. A great example of smart billboard advertising would be Chick-Fil-A. Have you seen them? They are all unique and very eye catching. They really make you want to “Eat Mor Chikin”.


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 2. You Don’t Have to Be On All Advertising Platforms


    If you have a niche business, being on all the social media and advertising platforms at once isn’t the best way to market. Instead, pick one or two and pinpoint those. Not only will it save you money and time, but it will help you focus better and pick up those all-important customers. For example, if your product’s demographic is all young adults, you should probably focus your efforts onto Facebook and Twitter because that is where they frequent. If your product demographic is business professionals, you may want to set your sights on LinkedIn. Basically, figure out your demographic and then plan your digital marketing accordingly. Just don’t overdo it!


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3. Get Some User Generated Content


    Let your customers generate some content for you. This is a super easy marketing strategy because you don’t even have to do the work! If you have a product that can be easily photographed, put a contest on Instagram and ask people to take photos of your product and post it using a hashtag you created. An easy and cheap way to incentivize people to join in on the fun is to promise to feature them on your social media or on your web page. Yay for free advertising!


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4. Use Retargeting/Remarketing Ads


    This marketing strategy can help you pick up the people who didn’t convert to a lead the first time they saw your product. Say someone comes to your website but they don’t buy your product. Using a remarketing ad can help bring them back. The ad could show up on another website or social site and maybe they’ll have had time to consider the product and when they see the ad they’ll click on it and back to your website they’ll go. Hopefully purchasing your product this time! Retargeting ads can help you save money because the people you are targeting have already expressed an interest in your product and therefore are more likely to purchase it, rather than someone who is checking it out having no prior knowledge about it.


            example of remarketing campaign


 5. Be an Expert in Your Industry


    This one is also a straightforward way to market. If you are the go to person in your industry then it will be way easier to convince them to stick with you and only you. Providing high-quality content and keeping your customers up to date with the new and exciting things going on in your industry will gain people’s trust. When people trust you and your company, they are more likely to become repeat customers and to recommend your product to their friends. Word-of-mouth is another way of advertising that works great. So, keep your customers in the know and make sure you know your industry/product inside and out!


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